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Visitors of Health Beauty Daily website; thanks for visiting my website's Privacy Policy. This Is my new website and i operates the Health and Beauty Daily | Pro Tips website. This privacy policy page is created to inform you that i have created this website to share valuable information about health, beauty disease, fitness, and lifestyle. I am not publishing any kinds of violation content on this website. There is no harmful and dangerous content here in this Health Beauty Daily website. We always try to write important and necessary articles which is very important to everyone for gathering knowledge and ideas about general health and disease to control & prevention. Everyone can visit our website without any age restriction but above 16 years are welcome.

Health Beauty Daily don't collect or store your personal data automatically. But We may receive your "First Name, Last Name, and Email" when you send us mail by contact form or directly by mail. But your information is completely safe to us cause we don't sell our visitor's data and information.

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