How to Survive Stroke and Heart Disease | Stroke and Heart Disease Causes and Prevention

Nowadays the most widely known and deadly disease in the entire planet that is stroke and heart attack. Sometimes we got the news regarding stroke and heart attack and even about the death of our neighbors, relatives, and friends. It makes our emotions horribly or even sadness. People from third world countries are experiencing even more stroke and heart disease death than the developed countries. Its major cause is really the underdeveloped country's complete absence of health awareness, inaccurate dietary habits, incorrect lifestyle and inert life. The design of our body structure is quite complicated. Most incidents we do not even understand our body's needs and sometimes torture the body on an ongoing basis. For example, in food cases,  we eat less or too much of what is needed. Most people in developing and third world countries have little idea of a healthy diet. We have to pay the price of several diseases for all this very little awareness.

Name of our heart disease-related body parts is the heart and the name of the stroke-related body is the brain. In many organs of our human body heart is the most integral part. Our life, strength of the body, cognitive function, emotional responses, and everything relies on the heart's strength. Any healthy human's heart is named heartbeat is compacted and increased from 70 to 80 times each minute. The heart supplies our body cells with oxygen from the lungs thru the circulation of the blood and carbon dioxide generated in the cell that also exits through the lungs. Our heart acts such a dynamic and important role in our bodies. In order to accomplish duties heart may just have to meet different kinds of threat in different points in time of life and even if heart disease has not been resolved timely people may have to die due to a heart attack at any time.

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Heart muscle can be damaged when congestive heart failure occurs or the normal condition of the muscles collapses as the heart is unable to perform effectively in that time and normal circulation of the blood is distracted. There are insufficient oxygen and nutrients in the body cells due to a lack of sufficient blood circulation. Blood pressure affects the lungs due to the opposite pressure and lack of blood circulation and fluid accumulates in the cell. It is called as eidima in this condition . Aridemia is formed to keep the heart rate constant due to the origin of electrical vibrations in the heart and circulation inconsistency. If chronic heart rate irregularity is observed, the patient is advised to add pacemaker.

People can die as a result of high blood pressure due to the destruction of a major organ's blood vessel or arteries. Because of high blood pressure our heart or kidney failure may occur. There are generally two types of blood pressure, the first being systolic and the second being diastolic blood pressure. In some respects, the normal and natural limit of systolic and diastolic blood pressure for adults is 110 -140 and 70-90 mm. But levels of blood pressure vary on the individual, time, regardless of age. If this limit is exceeded by blood pressure, it is considered as high blood pressure. High blood pressure may result from blood vein rupture or heart or kidney problems may occur. The overall death rate from hypertension due to stroke is not low. After examining and understanding the high blood pressure level and examining in the laboratory doctors decide either any kind of damage has been done to the patient's veins or organ. There are various useful reasons for high blood pressure dilapidation; such as diabetes, psychological crisis, atheroma, high blood uric acid levels, adrenaline should also be taken into account by the doctor.

So many people still believe stroke is heart disease, in reality, it's not, stroke is completely brain disease. If someone has a stroke, blood circulation blockage suddenly occurs in the brain. Because of this barrier, the supply of oxygen in the brain is stopped and this causes cell death in the brain. When blood flow in some places of the brain's vein is obstructed by blood clots or platelet and fibrin, blood vessels can cause bleeding due to extremely high blood pressure. If the patient survives in this situation but it's hard to speak properly, the body's normal balance will be overcome, movement difficulty and feeling dissolved.

Heart disease is the major and highest killer disease in the world. Not only Bangladesh, India! it also America's number one troubling disease. As early as 1979, America discovered heart disease medicine. These medicines have made a breakthrough across the world in decreasing cardiovascular control and reducing death. With the latest introduction of new knowledge on the cause of heart disease, prevention of heart disease, and treatment for a heart attack not only medicine but also changes in regular lifestyle, diet control can help to decrease heart disease and decrease death.

From the last 20 yrs, tremendous achievement has been accomplished by inventing multiple efficient medicines for cardiovascular disease. Angioplasty and bypass surgery are considered successful ischemic and myocardial infarction remedies treatments all over the world. We need to find a prescription for better health and life if there's any disease. In certain cases, disease treatment doesn't always bring stability. Preventing or controlling disease should, therefore, be the primary objective of medical science rather than remedies. There is really no reason to think about it, however, that it can save you from the disease by taking the actual action to stop the causes of disease. By changing our lifestyle and dietary habits, how much we can do to manage and prevent heart disease satisfactorily. Let's look at it.

1. High Blood Pressure: One of the best causes of our heart disease and death is high blood pressure. Do you know about your blood pressure it's normal or not? How much is normal blood pressure and how much is not normal blood pressure? If you don't know about this information, know about before it's too late. Try to maintain normal blood pressure. It is possible to control high blood pressure by changing lifestyle and changing diet. Also, exercise is very beneficial and helpful to reduce depression and high blood pressure sometimes. If high blood pressure can be controlled by naturally, then drug dependence is decreased. It is the first step towards preventing heart disease.

2. Quit Smoking: Avoid smoking right now while you're suffering from heart disease. Smoking is extremely harmful to you if you are suffering from blood pressure. Most cases of nicotine from high blood pressure patient cigarette have a detrimental effect on blood veins. It can not be stressed that the blood pressure will decrease if you stopped smoking and you will bounce back from heart disease.

3. Weight Balancing: Try to keep your weight in the perfect balance as there is a deep connection with an overweight body between heart disease and high blood pressure. If you're fatty, reduce your body weight as soon as possible by taking effective steps. Bringing high blood pressure to normal levels is highly recommended in addition to reducing extra weight. It is recommended regular exercise to lose anyone's extra body weight.

4. Eating Fresh Foods:  Eating more and more organic fresh vegetables and fruits is important. Other foods should include organic herbs, nuts, oils, and different grain types. Try eating a small amount of mutton and beef and avoiding those things that could be better. As a healthier protein source, fish and chicken meat are good. The fatty acid omega-3 is of great benefit to the body. Don't eat raw salt and you must leave that habit. Healthy foods are organic eggs, yogurt, and milk. Vitamin-c, beta-carotene, vitamin E, selenium and polyphenol are especially useful for the body's antioxidants that help prevent heart disease. Fruits, green vegetables, and green tea are the best source of these antioxidants. Avoid junk foods and those foods that contain lots of salt, sugar, and monosodium glutamate as well as controversial ornamental foods. Junk Food contains only a few amounts of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, but there is a lot of sugar and fat in these foods. junk food is helpful for weight gains including high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, many serious lethal diseases also including cancer. Sugar is also one of the heart attack and stroke's main causes. Eat regular cheese, butter, eggs, milk, curd, lemon juice, 3-4 dates, apples, pendants, orange, and other fruits. Just two red flour loaves or two cups of rice are sufficient to eat no more rice or bread. Try to avoid street foods because it's the cause to be unhealthy and also try to drinks more water.

5. Exercise:  There is no other option without exercise if you want to get healthy fitness and healthy life. Walking is the finest and pure exercise. In the open space, on the bank of the river, you can walk outside, park under the green tree, making your body and mind float. Always try to walk in air and sunlight free from pollution. Take somebody else with you to create discussions, slogan, comedies, jokes, and revelations with a fellow spouse when you walk. For good health, sleep is very necessary by doing the exercise that will make you sleep better at night. Not only walking, but swimming or gymnasium also cycling I also good exercise and visit a doctor about how useful it is for any exercise.

6. Worrying and Sleep:  Try to get more and more information about the symptoms of stroke and heart disease. Avoid worrying about life and try to lead a happy and free life of worry. Rest properly and sleep in a regular routine at night. If you don't sleep well at night, you should seek medical advice from your doctor and take medicine.

Live a good life with honesty because there is a deep connection between healthy life and honesty. If you are married, you should be happy with your married life. Those in their married life who are not happy, they are not healthy. 

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