How to Cure Asthma Naturally and Permanently- Ideas about Asthma Treatment

Asthma means breathing shortness or problems with breathing in Greek. The Greek physician Hippocrates calls any kind of asthma breathing problems. Asthma or respiratory disorder is a disease that has no specific cause to explain why it occurs. Any person with asthma will never get rid of this disease, but it must be kept under control. Controlling for this disease is the best treatment. Asthma is growing throughout the world every day. Whatever you say asthma is growing there, developing countries and developed counties. Currently, more than 300 million people worldwide are suffering from this shortness of respiratory disease. The idea is that this shortness of breathing disease is expected to infect over 100 million new people by 2025. This disease is common to both the elderly and the young. Most women in the group are more infected than those. If asthma is not in normal life under control, such as school work, college and workplace will be very badly hampered. Hospital admission is sometimes very necessary, and sometimes it can be the cause of death.  

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The asthma trachea or patient with shortness of breath is extra sensitive. Due to any type of stimulants, such as cigarette smoke, home dust, getting cold, swirling the house or getting close to animals, etc., severe respiratory failure may suddenly result. That patient's trachea time path becomes narrower than normal, hampering the lungs from entering the air. As a result, tightness of the chest increases in the chest, suffocation to breathe normally, coughing, weight of the chest, and falling. If this attack happens slowly and smoothly it can go away without a little medicine and serious condition can lead to the death of the patient. If treated properly, such deaths can be prevented by at least 90 %. Long-term inflammation may also occur in a patient's trachea. 

One is affected by asthma, and this disease does not attack other people. Its main reason is that there is something that helps to get infected with this disease in the environment. These are called allergens to asthma or triggers to asthma. Asthma allergens or asthma triggers are rough as follows-
  1. Flower granule
  2. Dust
  3. Smoking,
  4. Insect spider
  5. Cold and viruses
  6. Exercise or physical work
  7. Some medicines ( aspirin, betablast)
  8. Emotions  (can be due to sorrow, fear or joy)
  9. Pet animal.
  10. Animal wings etc.
In addition, in someone's case, sexual activity can be the cause of asthma attacks. Asthma may be caused by the respiratory cytocidal virus in atherosclerosis.

For each person, these allergens can be different. Someone may also have five to seven, one or two. So to survive attacks on asthma, the above-mentioned thing must be away from them.

Asthma-related depression can be divided into two groups.

1. Allergic or external causes of asthma: any type of stimulant, such as home dust, dust, flavor, various types of food, fungus, cigarette smoke, cold stools, flowers in the skin or in contact with animals, etc., may cause asthma since birth. Other symptoms of allergic reactions may occur in these patients. Such as rhinitis allergic, eczema, etc. These asthmatics occurred early in life.

2. Spasmodic or internal causes of asthma: There is no allergic history to these types of patients. This mostly occurs at the end of life. Symptoms: trouble breathing, sniffing of the chest, tightness of the chest, coughing. Coughing is the only symptom at times. Often during the night hours, exercise or physical or office hours. But there is an opportunity to be an asthma attack anywhere at any time.


Put the patient straight, calm down and reassure if a patient is severely attacked by asthma. Give him/her to take early inhaler. If after taking an inhaler, the condition remains unchanged, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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How to permanently cure asthma naturally? Well controlling is the best asthma treatment. Always go with a routine you don't have to think about how to permanently cure asthma and hope you'll get a good result in the near future.

The Way to Prevent Asthma:

1. Avoid as much as possible of allergic substances. For example, keeping dust, sand, hanging house, smoke, scent, etc. away from home
2. Trying to keep the house completely dust-free.  Remove the floor, furniture, wet cloth with a room at least once a day. Or try using a cleaner for the vacuum.
3. Do not store or use the house carpet.
4. Use a sponge and do not use cotton 5 pillows, mattresses. Hot water bathing as soon as possible.
6. Smoking not allowed.
7. Avoid foods that cause reactions to allergies.
8. Do not eat ice cream, cold food, etc.
9. Mental stress, anxiety, and positive thought, or avoid the causes of stress.
10. If there is a professional reason for asthma, the place or profession must be changed.
11. Trying to increase your breath because of hard work or sports, in order to avoid hard work.
12. All the time, think positively. Positive thinking will always help you stay better.
13. In the morning or evening gardens, or near the crop field, avoid pollen grains.
14. Wash the pollen area's hair and head clothes and return home.
15. Pollen grains can be carried from the garden by the dog or cat. This requires regular dog and cat bathing or any other animals.

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