Sun stroke Symptoms & Treatment | How to Prevent Sun stroke?

It's almost May & April just gone. It's the best time to grow warm weather. Sunlight is going to kill the whole body by sweating sweat. There are so many people who have to travel from distant offices to the office & many people have to spend the whole day on the road for their own work. Truly a part of these people is infected with sunstroke in every year. Sun stroke usually knows as a heat stroke by some people too.

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I mentioned that it's the end of April, So surely sun heating will increase further in the coming days. The weather forecast has warned again the record-breaking hot summer this year like 2018. As a result in 2019, some people are likely going to get infected with sunstrokes.  People's death cause of sunstrokes it's not new trends. Doctor has warned seriously with this common issue for preventing this type of unwanted accident. Diarrhea is one of the most common and regular problems in summer because it's can create a problem for proper digestion. It's also one of the effects of heat stroke.

David Epstein a prominent health physician, gave us some valuable and special advice for this sudden accidental disease. If you seriously adhere all the suggestions advised by him then probability you are not going to affect by the sun stroke.  You must not avoid all the advice. He said that many people can't tolerate the heat. Sometimes they even unconscious when they walk in Bus,  Tram, Metro or Train or on the road. But yeah you will be glad to know that heat stroke can be avoided if some of the issues and advised are previously warned. For example, eating and drinking avoid as much as possible in the oily types of food. But you can eat plenty of vegetables and other green natural foods. Moreover, eating fruit that will meet the shortage of water which is good for health. If you try to eat watermelon, cucumber or grapes, it is better to eat it. Don't stop eating water as much as possible. keep a water bottle with you so that you can drink so much water whenever you feel so hot and thirsty.

signs of sun stroke , sun stroke symptoms, sun stroke , sun stroke treatment, how to prevent sun stroke , tips ,

Heat stroke does not usually happen with teenage people it happens with older man and women. It's proven by an investigation that the maximum of infected people is more than 40-50 years older and move up.  Before sun stroke, there are few common symptoms that the body gets very hot and warmth in that time. Face will turn into red color and lips will continue to dry. Trembling with hands and feet The head begins to be unbearable pain at that moment. Many times the people who are unconscious also become victims of heat stroke. Many people fall headlong into the streets. Patient should be admitted to the hospital after losing his mind. If not urgently he/she not get treatment earlier then keep in mind that danger will increase. If a patient isn't unconscious after hitting by sun stroke then he/she should be given water as much as possible. The patient will feel a little better after drinking pure and cold water.

Moreover sometimes before getting hit by sun stroke skin becomes dry and mentioned that before face will start to be red.  It will also create a problem for normal urination. you will start to seeing darkness on your eyes.  Sunstroke's body will become too weak. Patient can't be able to walk and stand up. Thorns will become so dry & eyes will close automatically. Patient will feel like you just need more sleep. There will be a problem with inhalation because the patient will suffer from breathing properly. Besides the head is not only painful but it also rotates. Among other symptoms in some cases, the condition of the patient's body, leg and hand are getting is cold &  there is great pain in the neck and neck.

Probability of being a sunstroke can be avoided by your little awareness. Medical experts advised us, we must not to go under when it's high and hot temperature. It will be best if you avoid direct sunshine ray  & you can use an umbrella when it's hot in the street or somewhere else. Cotton clothes are mandatory if you want to avoid sun stroke. If the color of the dress is light then it's the right choice because it's good.  Frequent drinking water is a healthier way to work on the street so keep water bottle as I mentioned before.  Take rest after spending a few times under the sun if its mandatory for your job.

Sometimes many children become sick in the summer. By extra heat, children got attacked by fever. Children may be unconscious too by sun stroke.  In that case, children's must wear cotton clothes. Sometimes parents keep the kids dressed up in hot summer. Parents believe that the kids will feel the freshness. But there is no real basis for this scientific sentence. Experts are advised children to eat fruit juice and water in excessive quantities and finally if someone ill or infected by sun stroke they must be consulted a physician.

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