What Happens When You Use Expired Accessories? | Health Tips

We have to use different types of accessories for our daily living. We use different kinds of items in the home, office, court. Many accessories have been used for many years without being abandoned. But no! All accessories have a fixed term and validity. We continue to use it even after the expiration of accessories, which should not be done at all. As a result, sometimes we have to face bigger dangers and problems health. So let's know what kind of accessories has a risk for your health near future if we do not stop using right now.

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We all use a pillow but you must have to know that same pillow should not be used for more than two to three years. Every night you sleep with a pillow, maybe its easy system using a pillow to relax. Using so longer time this gradually changed the size of the slow pillow. The inside of it does not remain in the interior of the spices. The result may be the cause of pain in the neck.

It's better to change your sleeper after at least six months. The slippers that we use to walk in the house cannot be worn until they are torn. It becomes soaked in water or in the gutters of fungi and other germs. One of the reasons for foot infection is to use the same sleeper for a long time.

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Must use towels to wash or wash our hands. It should be stopped using after a couple of years. Because it accumulates a lot of bacteria if it's getting older. So almost always have to be washed in hot water. Do not roll in wet conditions. Always try to dry in the sun after use every use.

Bathroom or kitchen sponge:
That's also the same thing. Fungal and bacterial living in these wet things. Our body and dishes are cleaned with it. We should not use this sponge or wash for more than two weeks. Otherwise, it will be the cause of many diseases.

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Surely, many people do not know using the same toothbrush so long it is good or not. If brush condition is good, yet after three months, You have to change toothbrush by taking a new one. Due to the extra use of this type of toothbrush, you may have to face different diseases, yes! There is a possibility. Especially teeth will face the problem falling of blood and other side effects etc.

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