Benefits of Bitter Melon Juice to Control Diabetes | Bitter Melon Recipe

Diabetes is the most common disease at this time all over the world. Actually, diabetes controlling is not so easy at all. Nowadays the number of patients from diabetes is increasing day by day. Diabetes can be two types, Number #1 where insulin is not produced in the body and Number #2 is where insulin does not work properly. In that time our body will fail to insulin production which will be the reason for blood sugar increases. So controlling the high level of sugar is the most important part of a diabetes patient. Healthy foods can also increase blood sugar levels who are suffering from Diabetes. Bitter Melon Juice can play a special role in this regard.

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Here is a Few Reason Why Bitter Melon Juice is Effective in Controlling Diabetes:

Bitter Melon Juice is a wonderful drink when it's about to control of diabetes. It helps to control blood sugar levels in the body by drinking regularly.
Indian nutritionist Dr. Anju Sud from Bangalore explained bitter melon Juice is very effective for actives the body's insulin. When insulin is activated then sugar can't convert into fat. As a result body weight will be decreased. According to the research of other organization, bitter melon contains some active ingredients including anti-diabetic important element. For example one of the important elements is carnitine. Carnitine helps to decrease blood sugar level to the bottom.  Moreover bitter melon contains polypeptide-P or P-insulin which is very helpful to control diabetes naturally. Polypeptide-P works on both sides jointly or single processes to reduce blood sugar level. 

How to Make Bitter Melon Juice:
First, Cut the bitter melon with a knife. Put the white piece and seeds in the time of cutting. Put the chopped pieces 20 or 25 minutes in cold water. Take a slice of kernels inside a juicer and mix half teaspoons of salt and lemon juice with it. Then blend the ingredients now. You must have to mix honey or molasses to reduce the taste of the drink. Fruit juice such as apples or pears or others can also be mixed. Mixing with a little chili pepper powder and little juice will remove the bitter taste. Now take a fresh mix of this mixture, a glass. Then drink a glass of Bitter Melon Juice!!

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