10 General Health Tips - How to Be Healthy and Beautiful

Health is one of the most valuable and Worthless resources of a person, it's nothing new to say that if the health is not good then the mind is not good. But many of us do not know how to keep the mind and body healthy and beautiful. That's true. You want to live long. So, do you just eat whatever you want to live? I know maybe you want to enjoy your life by healthy and beautiful life leading by your own lifestyle. So let's find out 10 general health and nutrition-related tips listed below and use all of these tips as a guide of your long journey on the way of good health and fitness. So read the articles and gain information about how to be healthy and fit in the future.

1.Everything Important for You

Everyday eating the same food not good for your health that's why we need more info about how to be healthy and fit always. Maybe you heard this for the first time but it's true that the same food should not be eaten every day. We must have to keep a variety of vitamins, calcium, protein and mineral foods in our daily diet list. Quality of food is the main part not the quantity of food.  Different kinds of element work for our body in a different way, so we need all of these important elements to keep our body secure and healthy. For example, protein is extremely important for our body cells without increasing our body weight.

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2.Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Every day we must have to keep different kinds of vegetables, beans, pea-pod, froth-like vegetables in our food list along with fresh fruits. This will helps you to control your extra sugar on your body and the most important thing is the role of prevention of cardiovascular disease. And you have to know another important thing that Cabbage and cauliflower help reduce the risk of cancer. According to the WHO (World Health Organization) eating vegetables and fresh fruits should be eaten by a person several times a day. For those people who are eating fresh fruit and vegetables, they have less risk of asthma and allergic problem.

3.Keep Fennel Foods

Try to place a sufficient amount of fennel grains in your food list. Especially in breakfast time, you can keep a variety of grains, wheat, corn, fruit and curd with normal breakfast. It will help you to fill your stomach instantly and works for cleaning to which means it helps to remove constipation. Try to eat seasonal fruits not only orange, apples and grapes that means eat any fruits when you found it's available. Seasonal fruits also work best as a leader of disease resistance.

4.Leave Fastfood

Fast Food shouldn't be eaten if you are trying to keep your body healthy and fit. This is called as a ready-made food and you must stay always from these types of food cause they hide a huge amount of sugar and different kinds of harmful elements. Many Health scientists said that Fast food can increases 40 percent chances of asthma. So try to leave fast food and include healthy food.

5.Food for Brain

Human needs carbohydrates and glucose for proper brain development. Different types of fresh fruits, bread, potato, noodles, sweet potato, fish, meat and Tropical almond, etc contains carbohydrates and glucose. So for supplying this important element in our body and cells, we must eat this food at least a small quantity. It's proved that eating nuts twice or three in a week can be helpful for avoiding heart disease and eating eggs benefits for the brain.

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6.Milk and Milky Foods

Milk should be kept in the food list every day at least at night before sleep.
But for an allergic problem, many people can not eat milk directly but they can eat anything made by milk. Milk contains all important and beneficial vitamins, minerals, omega and other important elements for our body and health that's why it is called a balanced diet. Weekly two 0r three day eating of fish, milk, and meat can be enough along with sea fish which will help as anti-aging.

7.Drinking Water and leave salt and sugar

We all know the importance of drinking water how much helpful for keeping our body fit. Drink at least 2 or 3 liters of water daily make sure that it's pure water. Try to avoid drinks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Fanta or something like that. For avoiding hypertension or diabetes you have to control eating salt and sugar to keep yourself healthy and beautiful. Keep in mind sugar should be made natural like brown sugar, salt has to iodine and fluoride.

8.Importance of Ginger, Garlic, Onion

Using Ginger, garlic, onion on cooking helps to prevent cancer. Don't use much oil on cooking and try to use vegetable oil.  Ginger, garlic, onion along with vegetables contains a small number of calories and there is a huge amount of minerals and fiber. Ginger helps to kill harmful bacteria and keep clean stomach effectively.

9.Eat Slowly by Chewing

Slowly eating is perfect don't hurry while you are eating. If you eat fast then there is a fear of eating extra which can be cause for weight gain and it also disrupts your natural digestion. So health experts advised us to eat the food slowly by chewing. When you will eat the food slowly half of the food becomes digested. So whatever you are eating enjoy your food by eating slowly.

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10. Walk to be Healthy

Walk at least 20 minutes to 1 hour daily. It will also help you to enjoy free ventilation as well as open air. Walking plays a huge role in keeping fit your body naturally. Take a friend or take someone with you for walking, if it's not possible to walk alone for a moment. Walking is the best natural exercise to keep your body stronger and healthier, it also helps in increasing the immunity of the body.

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