Health Benefits of Eating Insects

Are you Feeling hungry? Okay, if you are felling then this post is for only you. Yes, you are not reading wrong. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAOrecommend us to eat various kinds of insects because insects have high amounts of proteins and huge nutritional value. It's not a new trend and fashion or diet to lose your weight. According to the FAO, they have advised that we should include different kinds of insects in our diet list. You must be thinking what is the reason for this inculcation of insects on our meal. This is all about the high nutritional value and a monstrous amount of protein.

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At the beginning of the last year in 2018 European Union gave the green signals to its commercialization in stores. So you don't have to be surprised if the next time when you'll go to the super shop or any store. Now from this time, people can purchase directly from any store or shop.

Surely when you just complete your reading this post and you must be thinking; what isn't it disgusting! And so it is: the western population is deeply rooted in the feeling of disgust for bugs but many cultures across the planet have consumed them since time immemorial and an indispensable part of their diet. Some countries of Asia and America, it's common to include insects in meals and even create exquisite and high-level dishes in which they are the main ingredient. It is estimated that more than 2,000 million people already consume them regularly and this is the beetle is most favorable to all.

For example in China, it's quite common to find fried cockroaches or scorpions all over the place. In Mexico grasshoppers known as grasshoppers are consumed with a certain frequency. And if we go to the somewhat closer country, let us know that on the island of Sardinia a cheese is consumed very similar to the cake of Cesar but that contains live worms! It's called Marzu cheese and you can only find it there.

Benefits of eating insects

Maybe you will change your mind and include insects in your daily eating plan when you read the number of benefits of eating they bring to your body. Are you thinking that it's Disgusting? Yes, but it's very beneficial.

Apparently, insects are a huge source of protein everybody knows that. Its consumption is much healthier than that of meat and other rich food. Insects do not have harmful fats and effects for the body. But it's not the only nutrient you can get; crickets are very popular for their high iron content. If you have the dreaded anemia, maybe you should consider biting a few.

Insects are very profitable when it comes to rising. You just need only two kilos of feed to generate a kilo of edible insects, while to obtain a kilo of beef you need eight kilos of feed. The difference is considerable and the good news is the consumption of insects helps to take care of the environment. You should know this before if you do not believe it? We explain why...

Taking into account the amount of feed and resources needed to maintain the livestock industry you can get an idea that it is much cheaper and sustainable to raise bugs than cows or pigs. In addition, the space that has to occupy a hatchery is much smaller. You can't compare what a worm occupies to what a cow occupies, there is no color.

They don't need any antibiotic treatments or produce so much waste. And if you didn't think about it, when eating the insects, the use of pesticides to eliminate them will be reduced, which implies a lower level of air pollution. In addition, if its consumption finally becomes popular, the creation of this new industry could generate more jobs.

How you eat insects and you don't know

Yeah, that's right, we eat insects almost daily without noticing. You will think no it is not impossible I cannot do it. But did you know that the red color of some of the food we eat is obtained from cochineal? Yes, it is. The food industry has long used insects to get other foods. Ketchup, without going any further gets that reddish tone thanks to a dye that is extracted from the mealy bugs.

Others eat them unconsciously. The fruit and vegetables that come from the field are not grown in a completely aseptic environment, although they use pesticides to eliminate "visitors". It is estimated that we ingest between 500 and 1000 grams of insects per person per year. We give you some examples. On a piece of frozen broccoli you can easily find aphids; in an orange juice, fruit flies; and in chocolate, that rich delicacy that causes us addiction, there may be several insect exoskeletons. You can see it as an extra nutrient for the body.

If you look on the internet you can find many recipes and online stores where you can buy products made with insects. From fried caterpillars with barbecue flavor to energy bars made with crickets for after a good gym session. They are also opening new restaurants that offer among their dishes delicacies prepared with this peculiar ingredient.

I have already told you the benefits of eating insects and including in food list. Now that you have all the information, it's up to you to overcome the disgust that may occur and try them or not. What you should never do is eat the insects that you find at home or in the garden. They may contain a high level of pesticides and their breeding has not been controlled. Innovate, but do it carefully. So are you daring to try insects? Write your comment to down in the comment box.

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