5 Methods to Fight with Acne You Must Know

Today you're going to know about the best 5 methods to avoid and fight your disgusting acne on your face. I didn't exclude that you know some of the beauty tips listed below. Although be honest do you stick to them in the fight against acne? As in the fight against cellulite, it's important not only consistency but also a change of means as the skin gets used to this care. Generally, i have collected for you a variety of tips maybe not the most popular but really working tips. Who knows, perhaps one of them will deal with the final crushing blow to your acne. OKay, let's move to methods.

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Oil-based products

No wonder that in Bangladesh, Russia, India, and China oily product has been used for many centuries. Specially Retinol has bactericidal properties providing a therapeutic effect in many dermatological problems including acne. Look for it in the line of organic and natural cosmetic brands or buy a good product from a pharmacy in its pure form. Mixed it with rose water or jojoba oil then apply to the affected areas.

Cleansing the skin with oil before washing

Owners of oily and problem skin usually try to stay away from oils in any situation. whatever it's the oil that can help you in the fight against disgusting acne.
Dermatologist Dimitri Rabkin explains: Fat dissolves fat, so I would like to advise you to use makeup remover oil in front of the main cleanser gel or foam. It will instantly dissolve makeup, cleansing the pores as much as possible. After that you can wash as usual after a couple of weeks you'll notice a positive result.

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Attention to the pillowcase

Your cute and favorite pillow can be a real breeding ground for bacteria that provoke acne. Inadequate attention to bed linen is one of the most common causes of clogged pores. It sounds not good but dust and dirt even if imperceptible accumulate on the pillowcase and sheets. You graze your face with them and in a one not too beautiful day you wake up with a whole bunch of new rashes. In the period of acute acne you need to change the pillowcase daily and all owners of problem skin at least twice a week advised by Dr.

Towels that wipe your face

If you still haven't allocated a separate towel exclusively for the face then this is the time to do it. It's even better to put paper napkins near the mirror and only cover them with the face. You ensure the skin from contact with bacteria which is living on wet towels and significantly improve its condition. This tip really works tested by one of my friends.

Diet change

Do you know which products are most undesirable for owners of problem skin prone to rashes? Sorry to say but this is your favorite chocolate. Blacklist of food provoking the emergence of acne and it is also worth making mayonnaise and shop sauces, fatty and fried, fast food and soda. However, there is a powerful intention that cleans and heals the skin no worse than salon procedures. This is called as the alkaline diet. Bacteria which is cause for acne, living and multiply in an acidic environment. So prefer the greens and foods with minimal processing to prevent.

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    1. Hello Stewart,
      I hope this acne serum will work for you but if this is not worked properly then i will suggest to go for Revitol Acnezine Cream . Best Wishes For You.