16 Motivational Tips for Running

Sometimes it can be very much enticing to quickly press the snooze button after a short night. Just discover yourself around in your lovely warm bed it happens to us all sometimes. Yet you haven't put an alarm clock so early! There is nothing better than running in the early morning. Everyone knows that early morning is the best time for running and exercise or you can make your time in the evening to do this. It will arrange energy for the entire day to be well awake. Here i have listed below 16 motivational tips for running that helped me to move forward.

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1. Set your goals

Without setting goals it is very difficult to charge yourself for exhaustion. Set a goal for yourself and it can walk for a 5km race or walk for new PR at distance x. Your goal doesn't have to be very performance oriented. It also can be a goal to train at least 3 times a week during the summer. Write the goal by pen for yourself and hang it somewhere prominently. This is the best way to be reminded of your own stated goal as often as possible. I have started with these tips because i think this is the most important and valuable tips in the list of these 16 motivational tips to go running. 

2. Take time for yourself

Today's society expects us to fully commit ourselves and try to get the most out of ourselves. It's so difficult to make time for running yourself. It's proven that after taking a round of running you will feel a lot freer in your head. While you're running don't think of anyone other than yourself.

3. Train alternately

Actually, it's a very simple motivational tip but an often underestimated or forgotten tips is trained alternately. Noone likes to perform repetitive work. Also same applies when finishing running training. This isn't only good for your motivation but you can also get faster. By good training gradually you can run without risk of any injury. If you have suffered from an injury then don't wait for a visit to the physio. This is the best way to avoid injuries for a long time.

4. Make use of Technology

There're so many handy running apps nowadays that can boost your motivation but also you will have to use use it. This types of running apps can support you with running an exact route or when walking a particular distance. If you don't find it convenient to carry your mobile during training then running watches are a very good replacement for this. Keeping tracking all kind of running data is one of the most useful motivation tips.

5. Renew your outfit

Everyone knows the feeling of having a new outfit and you think you're able to handle the entire world. The same applies to any new running outfit. Treat yourself since you're training there're people who either in bed or also at home sitting in front of the tube. Any new running outfit is a great treat for yourself for the delivered & future training efforts.

6. Read a book about running

I don't like to reading at all but reading a running book has given me more motivation than I had ever thought before. You also learn a little more about human health & body, of course, it also depends on which book you are reading. After reading the number of pages i actually wanted to put on my running shoes to go for a walk. It's the perfect motivation in my eyes.

7. Find a training buddy

It could be more fun to finish the slow running with your best friend, right? So look for a training buddy that runs with your pace because that's very important. The way you can chat for a long duration but still train. In addition, it produces a kind of peer pressure. You don't let the other person wait in the cold for you to have it weighed. Unconsciously you'll be harder for yourself.

8. Visualize the end result

Do you want to have a good time or do you want to lose your weight? Then visualize how you look over an x number of weeks. Do you always want to have those strong calves or that slim waist? By visualizing it for yourself you create an image of yourself beside a goal.

9. Reward yourself

Decreasing motivation happens with everyone the main question is how you can deal with this. A good motivation tip works like reward yourself. Imagine you've achieved your goal then it's obviously good for you on a mental level but you may also want some extra for it. That's because it's advisable to pay a certain reward for a certain purpose. As an example when running a new PR on the 5KM buy new running shoes or let you own running shirts print so that you can go running next time. As you can see that it's purely about rewarding yourself.

10. Be competitive

By this we mean the fact that if you sell yourself against off running in your environment and you put a kind of pressure on yourself to be inferior to the runner in question. We're all human and we all want to be better than others that's our nature. After looking at runners in your area you remain motivated to finish your own running training. 

11. Joining running club

This motivation tip is actually quite simple than others. By joining in the running club you create another group pressure that ensures that you continue training. In addition, you will get the whole bunch of running mates with this tip. You have a steady running rhythm and above all & it's just fun!

12. Share your achievements

Share your performance and achievements from time to time via social media. You'll be amazed at the number of uplifting reactions that you will receive. Don't overdo it sharing your performance too often which can lead to irritation in others.

13. Listen to music

Listening to music is the other best motivation for running you should know. Certain music can be uplifting, these kinds of music give you energy and such good motivation. So especially look for uplifting music. Certain beats per minute also can ensure that you start running faster. When you selecting the music it's very important that you go for listening to the songs which you'll get a good feeling. That's actually different for everyone to put your own playlist together.

14. Setup consequences

Suppose you state that you want to train 4 times a week and unfortunately you miss 1 time then you can specify an amount of € 5. An arbitrator whom you can appoint yourself checks whether you hold yourself to the set goals. If you miss at least training session the referee will activate the consequence.

15. Vary your walking route 

Varying your running route is one of the simplest motivational tips for running. By changing your walking or running route again and again you will always end up in a different environment. Constantly running in the same route is the same as having to do continuous repetitive work; boring and above all very annoying. Also, vary the surface. Go look for unpaved paths, dunes or walk through the forest. Make it fun again by creating variation in your running routes.

16. Run together

Group pressure doesn't always have to be negative. It doesn't matter whether you run with a friend or a group or with the running club. It'll be harder to make excuses if you don't feel like walking. Your training partners will be a support and a reminder of a shared challenge. The feeling of guilt and shame becomes a positive factor to stay motivated perfectly.

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