Top 3 Golden Health Tips for All When You Will be Busy at Work

This is a new era where we got advanced technology. Technology made us happy but although it's making us bored too. Daily hanging and sitting in front of the computer is annoying to work and it leads to serious health damage. Deterioration of eyesight, hindrance, stiffness, dry eyes, dry skin those are the most serious and implied consequences.

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We know that health is in our hands. It is up to you to hide goggles with back pain and swollen ankles or you will walk proudly with a keen look. Here are three basic ways you have to observe reduce the negatives of the seated profession.

1. Moving:
Every 30 or 45 minutes walk and walk and stretch. Don't stick to the chair and do not become slaves of work. You'll be much more efficient if you make 5 minutes break than if you were standing for hours in the chair and struggling to do something. This is key to keeping your eyesight. Dr. Hanif From Dhaka Medical College he added that at lunch and afternoon break are also required. Your whole body needs to breathe clean air and eyes to watch something naturally green.

2. Keep Your Eyes:
Those people who are working, reading, writing, and computers. Breaks at regular intervals will save their eyesight. Download a program or software that will remind you to give your eyes rest on the monitor.

3. Drink Plenty of Water:
Drinking lots of water is absolutely mandatory for all of small, large, students, working and retired people. Water is the life of health and youth. If you experience unexplained hunger then you're probably dehydrated and your body alerts you.

If you are thirsty that means you're already dehydrated and your body is in a panic because of the lack of water. No matter how much busy you are with your work drink water often at least 2-3 liters per day. 

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